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The Gallery

The Art Gallery Barbara Paci was born in 2003 in the historic center of Pietrasanta (Lucca), a town in Tuscany now known internationally for its bronze foundries and artistic workshops of marble where they are made for centuries sculptures of artists known throughout the world.

Pietrasanta has also been a destination for great artists including Henry Moore and Jacques Lipchitz, who lived and worked in Pietrasanta. Also for this reason the Gallery mainly deals with contemporary sculptors such as Aron Demetz, Javier Marin, Kan Yasuda, Fernando Botero, Novello Finotti and Massimiliano Pelletti. In addition to taking care of painters such as Valerio Adami, Mimmo Paladino, Alessandro Busci, Andrea Collesano and Lorenzo Malfatti the Gallery also offers photographers such as Rainer Elstermann and Roberto Kusterle. The choice of the location in Pietrasanta allows the Gallery visibility and direct contacts with artists and their studio in the interesting phase of creation as well as collectors, critics, artdealers and art experts from all over the world and exclusively interested in contemporary art.

The gallery started its exposition activity with an exhibition of some historic designs of the French artist Andrè Derain, coming from the homonymous Foundation in Paris and the following year with an exposition dedicated to Mimmo Paladino with an exhibition entitled "Rabanus Maurus".
In summer 2005 the collaboration of Barbara Paci Art Gallery and the Festival Pucciniano of Torre del Lago (Lucca) was consolidated. It is an international prestigious name dedicated to stage the Lyric Operas of Giacomo Puccini. The Gallery in fact dedicated an exhibition about the American artist Nall, author of scenes and costumes of the new editions of the Lyric Operas "La Fanciulla del West" (The Girl of the Golden West) ( 2005) and "Rondine" (Swallow) (2007).
In The summer 2006 the gallery realized an itinerant public show "Violata Pax" (Menton Modern Art Museum - Monaco Cathedral (Monte Carlo) - Square and Basilica of Assisi - Square and San'Agostino Church of Pietrasanta (Lucca) - Museum of Modern Arts of Mobile (Alabama-USA) always of the artist Nall. The artistic itinerary , sponsored by Prince Albert II of Monaco, was supported by the critic intervention of Vittorio Sgarbi.
Summer 2007 was dedicated to the personal show in the gallery of the Mexican artist Javier Marin (who was two times present in the Biennale of Venice and also realized the installation for Art Basel 2007 at Miami for the Basel Museum) with the critic text of Marisa Vescovo.
The gallery organized from 2008 to 2013 the public exhibitions with monumental works of the sculptor Javier Marin in Pietrasanta, Milan (Palazzo Reale, Rotonda della Besana, Piazza Duomo and Piazza del Teatro alla Scala), Den Haag (Holland), La Baule (France), Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), Rome (Museo M.A.C.R.O. and Terrazza del Pincio).
In 2008 was a show of photographic works of the artist Agostino Rocco in the State Museum of Saint Cloud, Paris. The show was organized and promoted in synergic collaboration between the Gallery and the Museum, this last one, commissioner of 20 photographic works with the theme of the re-elaboration in contemporary style, of male and female portraits of the French nobles lost and destroyed during the French Revolution. The N°1 of the 20 samples have remained on property of the Museum and have become part of the state art collection.
The Gallery proposes the art of great contemporary masters like Sandro Chia, Nicola De Maria, Gino De Dominicis, Igor Mitoraj, Mimmo Paladino, Fernando Botero, beside of our young artists as: Agostino Rocco, Alessandra Gasparini, Veronica Fonzo, Simona Fedele, Nall, Javier Marin.
The Gallery also takes part to national and international prestigious fairs (the last one Palm Beach 3 Art Fair - January 11- 14 2008, has been chosen for example, for its strong presence of New York visitors, who are very good commercial partners with Pietrasanta.
Piazza Duomo 25
Via Garibaldi 45
The Owner
Barbara Paci took her first class art degree, specialized in History of contemporary art, in the University of the Studies of Florence.

She attended different updating institutional courses of Cultural Goods like:
The Retrieval of Cultural Goods Certificate (promoted and managed together with Superintendence of the artistic and Cultural Goods of Pisa, Friends of the Museums of Pisa, and the Arm of the Carabineers). She also attended a course for the realization and administration of business in the artistic cultural sector, obtaining the 3rd award for the best project promoted and managed by Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca and the Superintendence of Artistic and Cultural Goods of Pisa.

Since 2003 she is the owner of the homonymous Gallery of Contemporary art in Pietrasanta, Via Garibaldi 45 and Piazza Duomo 25.
Barbara Paci also, collaborated for years with Public Institutions and Museum Authorities, for the realization of exhibitions and events of modern and contemporary art adding to those already mentioned:
  • Museo M.A.C.R.O. and Terrazza del Pincio for “Roma Capitale” – Rome (Italy)
  • Tuscany Region, Piaggio Museum", "Giovanni Alberto Agnelli" – Pontedera (Pisa – Italy).
  • Festival Giacomo Puccini Foundation, Torre del Lago Puccini (Lucca – Italy)
  • Israel museum of Jerusalem, (Israel)
  • Civic Museum "Giovanni Fattori", Ragghianti Foundation, Lucca (Italy)
Finally, she personally gave life with her team of collaborators to events and exhibitions of modern and contemporary art spaces in the following institutions:
  • City of Milan - MUDEC Museum of Cultures - Milan (Italy)
  • Pietrasanta - Department of Culture, Piazza Duomo and the church of St. Agostino - Pietrasanta (Lucca - Italy)
  • Town of Cortona - Department of Culture, the Museum of Palazzo Casali – Cortona (Arezzo - Italy)
  • City of Milan - Department of Culture, the Museum of Palazzo Reale - Milan (Italy)
  • Musée Royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique, Musée Magritte - Bruxelles (Belgium)
  • Sculptuur Foundation Den Haag, Ministry of Culture - Den Haag (Netherlands)
  • Centre des Monuments Nationaux, Ministère Culture Communication, Saint Cloud State Museum – Paris (France)
  • Italian Cultural Institute - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Luxembourg, (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)