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Rainer Elstermann

Rainer Elstermann

Rainer Elstermann was born in West-Berlin in 1965.
He took his first self-portrait-photographs when he was 17 years old.
In 1983 when he was 18 he started working with the avantgarde experimental super-8 film production company Teufelsberg Produktion. In 1984 he began being seriously involved with photography after his uncle gave him a complete dark-room equipment.
Further encouragment came by the way of famous fashion photographer Paolo Roversi who photographed R.E. for Italien Vogue in 1985. After seeing his portfolio he insisted R.R. should be a fashion photographer in Paris.
Instead R.E. moved to London in 1988 where he remained until 1992, realizing little art projects and exploring photography. First assignements followed.
In 1999 R.E. started his studio as an advertising photographer.
From 2006 R.E.projects moved again towards Art photography and since 2009 he is exclusively concentrating on Art.






Inside the grey room - Barbara Paci Galleria d'Arte, Pietrasanta (Italy)


Photo Studio - Mark Peet Visser Gallery, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Holland)

Photo Studio, ARTITLED!, Herpen (Holland)



Arte Fiera Bologna - Barbara Paci Galleria d'Arte, Bologna, Italy


Old Masters - Scope Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Inside the Grey Room - KunstRai, Amsterdam, Holland

Photo-Studio - Arte Fiera Bologna, Barbara Paci Galleria d'Arte, Bologna, Italy

Photo-Studio - JustMad, Madrid, Spain

Photo-Studio - Realisme12, Amsterdam, Holland


Photo-Studio - Foto Fever, Paris, France

Photo-Studio - ARTII, The Hague, Holland

Photo-Studio - The Affordable Art Fair London, UK

Photo-Studio - Scope Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Photo-Studio - Artantique, Utrecht, Holland

Photo-Studio - The Affordable Art Fair, Bruxelles,  Belgium

Photo-Studio - Realisme 11, Amsterdam, Holland


Photo-Studio - Art Amsterdam, Holland

Photo-Studio - London Art Fair, UK

Photo-Studio, Bath Art Fair

Photo-Studio - Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Holland


Photo-Studio - The Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Holland

Photo-Studio - Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Holland

Old Masters - Art Lisboa, Lisbona, Portugal

Old Masters - Grand Westin, Frankfurt, Germany


Old Masters - TBWA, Hamburg, Germany

Old Masters - J.Walker Thompson, London, UK

Old Masters - WaldmannSolar, Hamburg, Germany


Old Masters - MC Saatchi, London, UK

Japanese Images - Space Gallery Paul Smith, Tokyo, Japan

Old Masters - Maverick Gallery, London, UK

Old Masters - New Rose, London , UK


Old Masters - Serge Ziegler, Zurich, Switzerland

Bucolic - Scout Gallery, London, UK