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Brigitta Rossetti

Brigitta Rossetti

Brigitta Rossetti was born in Piacenza, Italy, in 1974. She graduated in modern literature at the University in Pavia and specialized in communication, then attained the MEM at the Politecnico in Milan. 

Before becoming a painter she debuted as a poet and had a good resonance by literature critics.
She participated at workshops of various important artists like Peter Keizer at the Art Academie in Hamburg, the Chinese Zhou Brothers, the Polish video artist Anna Konik and the German sculptor Asta Groetig at the international Academie
of fine arts in Salzburg, from 2007 to  2011.
Important for her artistic education has been the long period of residence in the United States in the Zhou Brothers Art Center in Chicago.
Between 2012 and 2013 she consolidated her artistic career taking part in important exhibitions at the Biffi Arte Gallery in Piacenza and 33 Contemporary Art Gallery in Chicago.
Love and respect for flowers and animals, for what is boundlessy large and extremely small, the importance of water and of the land, the force and the solitude of nature, poetry and the encounter with the absolute are the themes that she has endeavoured to investigate, together with the exploration and documentation of deserted places.
She achieve her art by means of different artistic techniques that range from painting to collage, to sculpture with recycled materials, video projects and artistic installations.

She is a visionary person by nature and like to transform the meaning of things to inspire reflection.
In 2014 she entered as an artist in the Bluerider Gallery in Taipeh, Taiwan and participate to numerous fairs and public exhibitions .
Bigitta Rossetti attained the award as a Contemporary Art Talent at the Padova Art Fair (2nd) in 2011 and the award of painting in the Biennale in Asolo (1st), curated by Giovanni Faccenda
in 2014
Her works are part of various public collections like the Mim Museum in Piacenza, the Mit Museum in Turin, the Latin Art Museum in Los Angeles.
To point out: the text by Vittorio Sgarbi and the text and exhibitions by Ivan Quaroni.






I Fiori e il Sogno - Bluerider Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Effetti Personali - BIPIELLE ARTE - Fondazione Banca Popolare di Lodi


La possibilità di un’isola - Tenuta Colombara, Livorno, Ferraris  a cura di Ivan Quaroni

I fiori e il Sole - Bluerider Art gallery, taipei, Taiwan, a cura di Elsa Wang - Cat


Fiori di-versi, Bucolica, Villa CastelBarco, Vaprio d’adda, Milano, a cura di Beba Marsano

Children’s Garden, Ubi Terrarium, Castello di San Pietro in Cerro, Piacenza

To make  a prairie, Galleria Biffi Arte, Piacenza, a cura di Susanna Guallazini - Cat


La flor que yo esperaba, Dulgar Gallery, South Holland, Chicago

Passi Verdi, Musei di scienze Naturali, Torino, a cura di Guido Folco - Cat

La flor que yo esperaba, 33 ContemporaryArt Gallery, Chicago, a cura di Sergio Gomez - Cat


Lost Spring e Sogni di Pietra, Esercizio di natura morta, White fashion Show, Milano



Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turchia


III Edizione della Biennale di asolo, (Assegnazione 1°premio categoria pittura) - Cat

Femminile plurale, palazzo Pirola, Gorgonzola, a cura di Alessandra Redaelli

Porto Franco, Villa Castelnuovo, Palermo, a cura di Vittorio Sgarbi - Cat

Statements 2014, a cura di Ivan Quaroni, Circolo quadro, Milano

Arte Verona (Finalista e segnalata premio Icona)

Art Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Art Seul, Korea

Art Taichung, Taiwan

Young Art Taipei, Taiwan

Art Tainan, Taiwan


Art, energy, future, National Laboratory, argonne, Francia, a cura di Sergio Gomez

Cultural Symbiosis, 33 Contemporary Art Gallery, Chicago, a cura di Sergio Gomez


Artisti allo specchio, Palazzo farnese, piacenza

Sinergy, art Space 191, Vienna, a cura di sergio Gomez

Miami River Art Fair


Tourin/Chicago and Viceversa, 33 Contemporary Art Gallery, Chicago - cat

Il Borgo: Locus Amoenus, antico palazzo della Pretura, Piacenza, a cura di Fondazione D’Ars

Fiera di Padova (Mostra Premio, Vincitrice 2°premio Arte Cat) - Cat